Zahraflo (……..a wife)

Pleasant, modest, timid, calm, reflective, loner, yet occasionally generous, immature, innocent, frank, honest, involved with worthy issues. For me, everything is important and my priorities being conscientious and accurate in my work. To others, i’m an unexciting person, especially as i’m glum about how things are going. I’m a great friend, devoted and obliging. I’m a nervous person; always predicting only the bad would come true. Therefore, sometimes, others would find me tiresome. In love, i’m too naïve. Be careful because others might take an opportunity to exploit me through my emotional vulnerability.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mimpipribumi berkata:

    seorang nyonya yang pinter berbahasa asing………saya jadi gak tahu siapa admin blog ini

    tapi gak jadi masalah, yang penting ada artikel yang bisa di nikmati

    salam kenal ajah

  2. rina berkata:

    Salam kenal mbak 🙂
    ~ ibunya Khonsa ~

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